Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beginning of My Blog Adventure

Hello fellow tatters! I already know many of you from your wonderful tatting blogs! I am delighted to be joining you in this amazing world of the "web log". I am new to this blogging technology, so this is a new adventure for me!

Those of you who belong to or follow Sharon Briggs' 25-Motif Challenge may recognize my name from Sharon's posting on Feb. 21, 2008, where she so kindly introduced me to you under the heading "The Tatting of Kathy Niklewicz."

I had written a long letter to Sharon about some of my tatting experiences during the past 20 years, including my efforts in trying to get some of my patterns published, especially my 3-dimensional patterns. I also mentioned how I enjoy demonstrating tatting with a group of gals in Western Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) known unofficially as the "Beaver County Tatters." Carol Lawecki's mom is in our group, and I know many of you are aware of Carol's beautiful tatting through her wonderful blog. Carol has posted photos of Old Economy, (Ambridge, PA), one of our tatting demo sites.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed last February when I saw Sharon's post about me, which included the photos I had sent to her! You may recognize the "Lady's Slippers", which I designed back in 1993. That was the year I demonstrated tatting (a solo stint) in Mercer, PA, at their annual Victorian Days. I returned to demo five years later, and was delighted to meet Elizabeth Zipay there, who had a wonderful booth where she was selling her exquisite tatted jewelry! Ten years later, this past May, I surprised Elizabeth at her tatting booth in Chantilly, Virginia! It was so wonderful to see her again, and we couldn't believe 10 years had gone by!

Because of the encouragement of wonderful Sharon Briggs and other tatters - especially Elizabeth Zipay and Carol Lawecki (fellow Pennsylvanians!) - I am now starting this blog, which will retrace my tatting journey, and I hope to include current tatting projects. For various reasons I'm not tatting nearly as much as I used to, although I continue to demonstrate tatting with our group about four times a year.

And I definitely want to join the 25 Motif Challenge to share my favorite motifs from the past, and also new projects!

I'll explain the Victorian Doll in my next post! Stay tuned!!

Welcome to my Tatting Blog

This blog will be about how I finally learned to tat 20 years ago, and how tatting has become a big part of my life, including the fun of demonstrating tatting at local festivals. I also was successful in designing a few 3-dimensional pieces - which surprised even me!!

I wanted to start a blog so that I could share my experiences. Also, I especially wanted to communicate with all of you who have those wonderful tatting blogs! I wanted to join in on the fun!

My first goal, however, is to make sure I can establish this blog! If you are reading this post, apparently I was successful! Please check back to see new posts!