Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th, U.S.A.!

Let Freedom Ring!

Motif #2, Third Round

Bell (3" high) from 1992

Decorated (for today) with red, white, blue ribbon
(borrowed from my 'wedding bell' display.  It usually has flowers on it)

Tatted in Cebelia DMC size 30

Includes crystal ball clapper on gold chain
(enlarge photo)

This is one of several different 3-D bells that I made back in 1992, two years after I learned to tat, and I became fascinated with the idea of 3-D tatting, since there  were very few 3-D patterns out there back then.   I wanted to prove it could be done.  I used to crochet 3-D items.

This bell was adapted from a medallion which appeared in the 1992 Christmas Ideas edition of Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest magazine. 

The designer of the medallion is Luella Rossow, and even now I'm not familiar with her name.  In the magazine her name is in tiny print, along with other designers of the different ornaments on the Christmas tree shown on the opposite page.  Hers is the only tatted ornament on the tree, and you can see only the upper half of it.    

Unfortunately, the actual pattern pages (in the back of the magazine) do NOT show the names of the designers, which is sad.  I sure hope they've changed that policy!  

I was going to write a longer post, but I am going to get this one in now, as I have had a problem getting it posted at all.  (New interface issues.)

*   *   *  

We're enjoying watching the fireworks live from Pittsburgh on television, as I'm writing this.  Hope you had a good holiday!