Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun Pendants Using Motifs and 'Scrapbook' Supplies

I’m fascinated with variegated and hand-dyed threads, and I like to test them out by making quick motifs – easy ones that I can tat while riding in the car.

I like to think of ways to use these little motifs, rather than stash them away

Mary McCarthy’s Butterfly (again!)
(pendant shown on black T-shirt)

This one in Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest, size 20

Mary’s butterfly appears to be floating ‘freely’ on this black T-shirt . . .

...but in reality it’s glued onto a velvet paper circle (made with a scalloped circle punch). The paper also gives it stablity.

I like to justify the purchases of these craft supplies, like the scalloped punch, that I just 'had' to have! :)

The hinged bail and snaps together through a small hole punched into the velvet paper. The bail easily fits over any necklace

This is a basic
ring-and-chain pattern

from Catherine Austin’s “A New Twist on Tatting” book, page 115 (first round of the doily)

Thread: Lizbeth Jellybean, size 20

The dark velvet paper shows to good effect the colorways of most variegated threads, so the motif is always is defined, no matter what color background fabric the pendant rests on.

As usual, I added some gems for ‘bling’. I’m looking forward to trying out smaller thread sizes so that I can make more detailed motifs, such as those in Patti Duff’s book. Adding beads would be fun, too.

Loving the Warmer Weather!

I’m not complaining about our hot weather, as I wait for it all year. The travel bug has ‘bit’, and we’ve already taken an overnight trip to Lake Erie – a delayed 46th anniversary celebration (from snowy January). Beautiful sunsets at dinner, and a wonderful room overlooking the Bay! Love to be by the water!

It’s much more pleasant to travel in warmer weather, with longer daylight hours, and a privilege to be able spontaneously to go during the week when a spectacular day is forecast! Retirement does have its perks.

We’re ‘almost’ done with the yardwork, but not quite. New mulch is on the agenda. The decluttering project continues, and there may be light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s always bittersweet to ‘look back’ over the years when we accumulated these things and realize how fast time has flown. I'm having a difficult time deciding what craft supplies to part with!

We had beautful weather here for the Memorial Day weekend, (Sat. and Sun.), and although we had heavy storms Monday evening (the official holiday), at least it held off until all the local parades and memorial services were completed.