Thursday, December 6, 2012

3-D Christmas Ball Ornaments

I’m finally getting around to showing my 3-D ball ornaments from the early ‘90s. All three are the same pattern, but the hanger is at a different spot on one of them (next ball), which makes it look different.

I prefer showing the ‘flower’ pattern as the focus, such as on this ball and another one.

It’s difficult to see, but there is a pearl bauble hanging in the center. If you enlarge the photo you’ll see it more clearly.

Here is the same ball pattern, but showing hens and chicks in the center.

This was done with a size 30 thread, and I have to be careful handling this one.  The other two are done in size 20, which makes them sturdier.

Here are all three together.

I also put glitter glue on the top one, after stiffening it, and it really sparkles on the tree. It also has a clear ‘crystal’ bauble in the center.

As with most things I make, there’s a long story involved with these, but I’m in between shows right now and don’t have time to explain. I know that’s frustrating for you, and it is for me, too. But I wanted to show you my now 20-year-old creations and that they CAN keep their shape after stiffening - although there are some tricks of the trade involved.   I'll eventually discuss these techniques!

Vicary Mansion

Window looking into the Gift Shop near the Visitors’ Entrance.
We had a great time at the Vicary Mansion last Saturday (2-8 pm).

The weather was perfect and there were a lot of visitors. There is always interest in our tatting, and we had more sales than usual!

The mansion was beautifully decorated. Admission is free (although donations are always welcome!) and the staff knocks
themselves out to provide free cookies and punch to the visitors! (It’s like going to a wedding, there were so many varieties of cookies!) Also, they provide a wonderful meal for us vendors and demonstrators, which is greatly appreciated!

They have a children’s craft area, and there are huge, live trees in most of the rooms, including ours, which was on the second floor. I don’t know how they get those tall trees up the big staircase!

I’m a little rushed right now because the big 2-day event is coming up this weekend (Sat. and Sun.) at Old Economy. I’m excited because we’re going to be in the large (huge, actually) Feast Hall with all the other vendors. The first time we were in that hall upstairs was for the 2006 Christmas event when they had a “Civil War Fair” and went all-out to create a mid-1860s feel to the room, complete with colorful banners hanging from the ceiling and a band playing music of the era. There were many Civil War enactors in costume (women and men), and it was a magical evening!

So far, the weather looks decent for the weekend.