Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year (Belated!) from the Victorian Snow Ladies - and Me!!

Victorian Snow Ladies -
Motif #6 (Second Round)

Here is my rendition of two “Victorian snow ladies”, copying an idea from Linda at

As soon as I saw Linda’s cute snow people on her December 6 post, I knew I was going to make them, adding floppy Victorian hats, similar to her “Red Hat Mrs. Clause” (post of Dec. 3), which I still chuckle over when I look at her! THANKS SO MUCH, LINDA!

I somewhat followed the pattern in Rebecca Jones’ book, but kept it simple by just doing two circles (body and head) and joining only four picots to connect them.

At first I made a smaller head (the “pink” lady), with 10 rings and chains, but for the red one, I made the head a little larger (12 rings and chains – same as the first round of the body) Makes it easier to add eyes and nose!

I attached silk ribbon roses at the neck and even added pearls! I used Lizbeth size 20 thread, and stiffened them using Aleene’s fabric stiffener. I used tiny rhinestones for the eyes and nose.

I gave these ornaments to my sweet nieces (21 and 18) for Christmas, who are attending the same University here in the area ( both studying pharmacy ). They always appreciate my handmade gifts, and have quite a collection of items – mostly knitted things to wear, like caps or socks, plus different ornaments of all kinds. Seems like yesterday they were in elementary school!

The ‘snow ladies’ might like this cold snowy weather, but I’m looking forward to temperatures finally getting above freezing this weekend!

* * *

Computer Note: I was without the internet for almost a week(!) due to a router problem. starting New Year’s Eve! I felt totally ‘disconnected’ from the world, and was not a happy camper. It’s taken me awhile to get caught up on all the blogs and e-mails! It proved to me what I already knew - that I am totally addicted to the internet and can’t function without it!