Monday, July 20, 2009

Motif #21 - Single Heart from Jon's "Hearts Entwined"

On this actual anniversary of the Moon Landing (see my prior post), I'm submitting a ‘current’ tatting project, just to prove to you that I still do tat!

Motif #21 - Single Heart motif adapted from Jon Yusoff’s “Hearts Entwined” pattern.

I am indebted to Jon Yusoff for her clever and beautiful ‘Hearts Entwined' pattern, which she has so kindly shared with all of us (see link below).

When I first saw the pattern, I also envisioned, and then tatted, a single heart, by merely adding a long chain connecting the entwined hearts at the bottom, with three picots at the ‘point’.

DMC perle cotton size 8, # 315

Jon’s pattern definitely has a ‘regal’ look to it!

Jon’s 'Hearts Entwined' pattern can be found here:

I love ‘heart’ patterns, and I was very intrigued at Jon’s design. In her blog post of January 15, 2009, she also explains how the design evolved. Even her ‘first drafts’ are beautiful! Jon is an incredibly talented and gifted lady, and she is so generous with sharing her designs and patterns. Her snowflakes are becoming classics!

Even though the pattern calls for two shuttles (which I don’t always feel confident using), her pattern was so beautifully drawn (another skill I’d like to accomplish) that I thought it would be easy to follow, and indeed that was the case. As I often do, I added ring numbers to my printout of the pattern, as that is how I keep track of where I am.

And here is where I’ve placed my motif!

Amazingly, I just randomly chose the ‘purple’ thread out of my thread box.

Then, after I finished the motif, I looked around my craft room to find something to put it on - not easy to do these days, as the room is in a state of ‘transition’ (turmoil, actually) while I move furniture around.

I saw laying in a corner – this amazing pastel “Victorian Shoe” Christmas stocking, which I bought at Hobby Lobby last year and put aside. (I actually had forgotten about it!)

It’s as if it was waiting for this heart to be added – and in this color thread!

Thank you again, Jon!

July 20, 2009
More about the 40th Moon Landing Anniversary

Today (July 20) is the actual anniversary date of the 1st moon landing, after the July 16 lift-off and a four-day journey from earth. This is an addendum to my prior post about this milestone anniversary.

I was very pleased that Sunday evening (July 19) the NASA Channel broadcast “live” the very rare appearance of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins, who agreed to be part of the celebration at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC at the IMAX theater, where each one gave a speech.

This milestone anniversary event was itself a unique moment in history and one that is not likely to be repeated in the future, as these famous men rarely appear together. It took awhile to get used to the fact that they are now (or soon will be) 79 years of age! Their excellent speeches covered different perspectives of the past and future of space exploration, and it was wonderful to see them together again.

There is an interesting website (see below) which has some spectacular photos of the lift-off, landing and return to earth, taken in 1969. (The photo of the majestic Saturn V rocket on the launch pad in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building reminded us of our trip to Florida in May of 1969, where we actually saw Apollo 10 on the launch pad. Apollo 10’s mission was to orbit the moon and take the lunar lander close to the moon, but then return to the command module without landing. That must have been exciting and frustrating at the same time. “So near and yet so far”!

All the photos are an incredible look back to an amazing time. (The site may take a few minutes to load.)

I’ve also enjoyed watching several classic science fiction movies about the moon on Turner Classic Movies today. I remember some of these movies from my childhood in the 1950s. And “Buzz” Aldrin, himself, is the guest host this evening (pre-taped) on TCM.

It’s been an interesting 'milestone' day and I've enjoyed watching all the tributes on TV and reading about many aspects of the moon landing on the internet (a fabulous source)!
Weather for today: Overcast most of day; some sun, then rain in the evening. High: 79, Low: 59 Ironically, the moon is not “available” for viewing this evening, here in North America!


TattingChic said...

Your revised heart turned out so pretty! It looks fabulous on that stocking! It does look like a "marriage" made in heaven attached to it! They were MADE for each other, LOL!

Thank you for the Apollo 11 link! I will go and check it out! :)

***Jon**** said...

Awww Kathy, I am turning pink with your kind words. I am happy to share whatever I know about tatting, and there and many things that I still don't know.