Thursday, September 17, 2009

Second Round of 25-Motif Challenge

Some Recent Tatting using Lizbeth Thread

I took a little “hiatus” from blogging to enjoy some of the spectacular weather we had during August and the beginning of September, although I always check the tatting blogs to keep up with everyone’s projects. I’m constantly amazed at the creativity out there!

Motif # 1 (Round 2)
Antique Pattern circa 1872 - in Lizbeth ‘Caribbean’

I couldn’t wait to try out Lizbeth’s Carribbean thread (#122).

This is one of my first ‘successful’ attempts at front-side, back-side tatting, although I didn’t start doing that until the fourth motif from the right. From then on, the rings are done ‘normally’ and the chains are done with the 2nd stitch first. I'm beginning to feel more confident about it and do appreciate seeing all the knots facing the same way.

I looked through my internet patterns and found this classic ‘shuttle-and-ball’ edging which is nice and deep, but has easy rings and chains. Here’s my progress so far.
The pattern was posted by Etha Schuette in October 2000, and she copied it from Godey’s Lady’s Book, Vol. 84, p. 278, 1872.

Etha is also known as “Maus”. She had a website called ‘Tatting Treasures’, which seems no longer to be available (at least I can’t find it).
Etha attached this edging (in variegated blue and white for the chains, and white for the rings) to a small fabric-covered box for storing her shuttles. It was very attractive and eye-appealing.
As yet another ‘challenge’ I’m working on drawing a diagram for this pattern, using Microsoft Publisher, and hope to post it as soon as I figure out how to get the drawing out of Publisher and into Blogger. (Hints anyone?)

You will see this pattern again soon for another project I’m working on, using white thread.

Inspirational Places to Tat
I’ve started to take my tatting with me in the car again, which I used to do all the time, years ago. In my next post, I’ll show you some of the scenic places where we recently took day trips, and where I would sit and tat. It's definitely a blissful experience to tat in peaceful surroundings outdoors!

These photos were taken at North Park,
only about a half hour from our home.

I was delighted to get this photo of one of the
blue herons that reside there, although I wish my camera had a more powerful lens.

Here is a bridge where cars and bikes cross over the lake..

The land for the park was set aside and developed in. the 1930s. It’s a very small lake, a kind of “V” shape, but many enjoy paddling a boat around it.

The park also has a beautiful outdoor ice skating rink overlooking the lake. These days, I can't join the skaters, but I love watching them!

I’m delighted to be starting my second round of the 25-Motif Challenge!


Fox said...

Your front/back tatting looks lovely. Nice work! The thread is very pretty in this pattern.... Fox : )

Isdihara said...

Wow. Just wow! Your edging in Lizbeth Caribbean (#122) is gorgeous in front/back side tatting.

Thanks for sharing the photos of inspiration settings. Very serene. Wishing I could visit one of them for an outdoor tat.

tattrldy said...

Your tatting is looking very good. Don't you just love that Caribbean? I have to make myself try other colors, which are pretty too, but I love the Caribbean!

Your pictures of the heron and the lake makes me want to take a walk by a lake, or at least go outside and enjoy the world God has given us. Beautiful. What peaceful places to tat.