Friday, July 23, 2010

More Quick Pendants

Motifs #17 and #18 - Second Round

Because my 2nd Blogaversary is coming up at the end of the month (amazing to me!), I realize that after this post, I need seven more items to complete the second round of the 25 Motif Challenge. I may not make the ‘deadline’ of July 31, but I’ll be posting them at least by early August. My problem isn’t tatting them ( as I’ll be showing items I made back in the 1990s) - it’s finding the time to photograph and write about them!

Motif Counts: I had neglected to include Mary Konior’s cross (post of April 4) as Motif #16. So I’ll continue with #17 and #18 below.

Here are two more fun pendants on scalloped black velvet paper discs. This is a quick way to display 'practice' motifs that I usually stash away.

Motif #17 (second round)
Rings and Chains
Lizbeth Turquoise, size 20

This basic ring-and chain motif which I tatted up quickly (and is far from perfect!) was the first item I made to ‘test’ my first ball of Lizbeth thread over a year ago. So I retrieved it and now enjoy wearing it!
Again, I used small ‘scrapbook’ embellishments, which are self-adhesive.

Motif #18 (second round)
Dimpled Rings
Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest, size 20

This is a recent first try at dimpled rings, which I saw in an antique pattern. Not exactly perfect here, but fun to do.

It takes practice to make these dimpled rings, as they take a little finessing to close properly.

I've had a good experience with Lizbeth threads and enjoy working with them. I'm not always crazy about some of the variegated threads, but many are becoming favorites, such as this one.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done much tatting recently because of so many things to do in the summer months. After being cooped up all winter, I longed for summer, so I want to be out and about as much as possible! I do enjoy surfing the blogs for relaxation in the evenings, though! So much talent out there!
* * *

I know you’re curious about the slipper pattern, which is coming along, after some fits and starts, but I can’t promise a finished booklet until later in the year as I just don’t have the blocks of time I need right now to fully concentrate on it. Many ‘learning curves’ still lie ahead for me, as I very much want to have a professional-looking presentation. I must live up to the standards that many of you have set!

* * *
Enjoyable Summer Distractions

Below are some of our ‘fun’ distractions this summer , which are pleasant respites from the usual chores of yard work, fix-it home projects, and our continuous de-cluttering efforts. We’ve enjoyed several picnics and family events (a Christening and birthday parties, plus picnics), all of which, fortunately, were held in nice weather.

This summer has been hotter than in recent years (although to me it is similar to the summers of my youth in the 1950s), and we have had to ‘cave in’ and turn on the whole-house A/C more often than we would like – but I’m sure glad we have it available! I’m not looking forward getting to the electric bill, though!

We enjoy visiting this local lake (an hour away) to watch sailboats and enjoy an
afternoon picnic during the week.
(Great to be retired!)

Unfortunately, we don’t own the pontoon boat - or any boat!

Of course, we continue to attend many car cruises.
Here is a photo of our ’69 GTO sitting next to our cousin’s fabulous 1974 Bricklin - a rare automobile, as few of them were built (in Canada) between 1974-76. Note the ‘gull-wing’ doors!

The weather has been both good and bad for the cruises this summer. It's either been perfect, or very hot and humid, or unstable, causing some events to be cancelled – or interrupted! We recently attended one which started out with great weather, then was interrupted by a sudden downpour of heavy rain! It wasn’t unexpected, but came up fast and caused everyone to run for cover! At least there was no lightning or wind, and it was over in 5 minutes, but everyone tried to get their cars dry again. We, unfortunately, had to drive home in our slightly damp clothes!
It is sometimes too humid to tat, so I just walk around, take photos, and generally chat with people.

However, this weekend we plan to attend the annual Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, where sporty vintage race cars compete in a specified road course on a winding country road. It brings thousands of spectators from around the world and is considered a major auto racing event. We will be in the car show which is a separate part of the event. I’m hoping to be able to tat at this one, since there are shade trees to sit under!

I hope you’re also enjoying favorite outdoor summer activities!


  1. I want to live your life! :-) You just sound like you have so much fun and the car cruises sound awesome.

    I just got the Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest in the mail yesterday and it is lovely. What a great way to display the tatting on the velvet disks - it really shows off your work.

  2. Enjoyed your post, seeing what you are doing.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your visit & kind comments :)
    The 'vette in one of my posts is not mine (boo), but rather one that was at an art festival I went to. (There was a "car art" portion.) The owner let me sit in it for a picture - at least I hope he was the owner! I love to look at cars, but the shows are not something we do on a regular basis like you do.

    Sounds like you have busy summer activities too - it's great to be outside for a few months, isn't it?

  4. I love the tatted slippers!!! You are so talented!!!

  5. Kathy I am sending you a little something for being the 100th person to comment on my 100th anniversary giveaway - please come over to my blog and get my e.mail from the "Winners" post and give me your address - that is if you are home at the moment and not motoring somewhere!

  6. Hello! I don't know why it has taken me so long to 'discover' your blog; although, I've heard your name!
    I'm a shuttle tatter…I was a teen in the fifties so a bit older than you. I feel as though I'm older than everyone these days; but not complaining. Better than the alternative.
    Your tatting is a delight as is reading your blog. I shall return…

    Happy Creating! Bev Davis New Mexico

  7. Did your blogaversary come and go? If so, congrats on two years of keeping up an awesome blog!....LOVE the cars! Me and DH's favorite show is Top Gear!

  8. Hello Kathy! I miss you! I hope you are doing well! I just posted my antique tatting shuttles and hope you stop by to visit!
    ~TattingChic ♥