Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Events, New Product, and Posting Again

New Shaped Ornament to encase Tatting

Last December I posted about my placing Sharon’s ‘ Merry Christmas’ snowflake inside a spherical, clear plastic ornament that I got at Michaels, which worked out very well.

However, I want to bring your attention to a ‘different’ plastic ornament so that you can obtain one for your snowflakes or other motifs. I have seen them only at Michaels, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find them on the internet.

This ornament is round from the ‘front’ view. 

However . . . .

it is not a ‘sphere’, but an ‘ellipsoid’, as shown on the brass stand on the left, side view.  It's about 1.5" wide.

These ornaments come in two different diameters:

The ornament in the back is 4.5”; the one in the stand is 3.5”

They are even better than the round ‘sphere’ for displaying a  snowflake or other tatted motif, because the motif can more easily keep its shape in a more ‘confined’ (flattened) space.    The tatted motif can easily be ‘shaken’ back and forth after being ‘rolled up’ and placed in the ornament through the  
nice, large opening.

I quickly put this display together using one of the motifs in my stash, which I believe was to be a snowman. The motif is the perfect size for the 3.5” ornament.

Here is the full view of fancy brass hanger I’m using to display it. I have two of these hangers, which I found ‘somewhere’! They’re very nice for showcasing ornaments or bells or whatever.

I added a velvet bow and silk leaves/flower to the ornament with the use of sticky tape (not a glue gun). I used a small piece of the tape (near the bottom of the stand) to keep the ribbon in place around the side of the hangar.

The cost is about $1.29 for the 3.5” and $1.99 for the 4.5” . I was happy to find them when they were 50% off!   I sure hope they continue to sell these! I have so many plans for them!

Old Economy Village (This weekend – 2-day event)
Our group will be at Old Economy this weekend. I have many photos of the Village, and when I improve’ my blog to include ‘tabs’, I’m hoping to put galleries of my photos there.

Vicary Mansion (Last Saturday)
We were at the Vicary Mansion (Freedom, PA) last Saturday (Dec. 3), and had a great time. Unfortunately, Evelyn was not able to join us, due to a cold; but our newer member, Pam, was able to be there. So Peg, Pam and I enjoyed meeting all the visitors. Three visitors were gals who were in Pittsburgh for a job-related convention, and they saw an ad in the paper and chose to drop by. They were from (are you ready?) – Texas, Utah and Colorado!! They loved our tatting and were delighted with the beautiful Christmas decorations in the mansion. It put them in a ‘Christmas’ mood! The volunteers there always do a great job, and we are provided with wonderful homemade food – also prepared by the volunteers. There were a gazillion cookies, too, all free for the visitors!

The Mansion has never been more beautifully decorated (9 big rooms!) , and the music that evening was OUTSTANDING, performed by a trio of youngsters (a brother and 2 sisters – ages 16, 14, and 11) playing violins and cello. The 11-year-old sister played the cello, and it is as big as she is! If I had my eyes closed, I would have thought I was at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, listening to professional musicians! The sound they produced was incredible! I was overwhelmed with their performance and talked to their proud parents. It was SO uplifting! I got a great photo of them visiting our “Tatting” room. The girls loved the dollhouse and my ‘Cinderella’ slipper!

I also taught a visitor how to do the tatted knot! She is a crocheter, and by showing her the chain first (two colors of thread) , and explaining that she can use the ‘crochet hold’ with her left hand, she got the ‘flip’ in no time!

*  *  *

My absence from posting is due mostly to computer and software issues, which are difficult to explain, so I will spare you that story. As you know, I love to follow the blogs and see all the incredible creativity out there! I HAVE been doing some tatting (not as much as I would like, however), and I hope to get back on track with the 25-Motif Challenge soon! Thanks, again, Sharon for your patience!


Gina said...

I've seen those flat glass balls at both Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Someone also gifted me with one with a special motif inside. They are so handy!

Good to see you back posting!

Jane Eborall said...

Oh to live in America at times like this for deals and items like this! One day we'll get them in the UK!!!! Good to see you back .

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Kathy,

THe motif looks lovely in the glass ornament.

Wish I could have attended these events, but December is so busy I was not able to make it down. Hope you have a good turn out this weekend.

Happy Tatting!!

Suztats said...

Your medallion looks wonderful encased in the plastic. I like how you displayed it, too.
Thanks for sharing the information about the new shape. What a nice presentation for a gift, or even as a gift tag.

tatting-marie said...

Hi Kathy,
I have been looking for those to put tatting in. Glad to know that Michael's and Hobby Lobby sell them. I'll check out both stores when I"m out tomorrow.
You did a wonderful job - love the gift idea. Thanks for sharing with us.

How are you coming with the slipper design pattern? I still am interested in obtaining it from you. I did put my name in on the list but have not heard anything. I hope I did not miss out. you can contact me at: Many thanks,

Tattin' Kat said...

I love this. I'll have to see if my mom can find some for me.

tattrldy said...

Love the motif in the 'flat' ornament. I haven't seen them but I haven't been look - I don't get to either Michael's or Hobby Lobby much. I do have some of the normal, round ornaments that I want to try.

Glad things went so well last weekend. To have someone catch on so fast - how wonderful! If only it wasn't so far away from me.

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend at Old Economy Village.

God's Kid said...

Your motif and display are gorgeous!! :)
I have a couple of those plastic ornaments and one with a motif inside also, but it isn't as festive looking as yours-I guess I need to dress it up a bit. :)

Margarets designer cards said...

What a beautiful motif and display
ornament, I wish we had them over here, one day I suppose they might arrive in the UK, at an inflated price. Well done on making some a beautiful ornament for christmas.