Friday, March 16, 2012

A Fancy Green Fan for St Patrick's Day 2012

Sure an’ it’s St. Patrick’s Day again!

For this St. Patrick’s Day photo I’ve gathered together some of my favorite things, mostly older items I’ve collected over the years (explained below) , plus a tatted pendant from 2009 which I’ve updated.

However, the focal point of the photo is this fabulous NEW GREEN FAN that I found last week at - of all places - our local dollar store, among the St. Pat’s decorations.

This amazing fan is embellished with shiny green sequins on the fabric, and has a black base with a fancy gold design.

In the store it was hanging in its folded position, so I was astounded at how attractive it was when I opened it up, and I was especially amazed that it unfolded into a complete half-circle. Of course, I HAD to purchase it - for the grandiose sum of one dollar !! It really sparkles in the light! This is a very well-made fan, and I feel so ‘lucky’ that I came across it!

Fans aren’t usually associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but this one certainly is the right color!    And it will be a great accessory for one of my Victorian costumes for our tatting events - and also would make a great display item! 

Of course, I will be adding tatting to it, but I couldn’t possibly have completed it before Saturday - although I know that many of you COULD have done so!

I have to decide which edging I want to make, but I know it will be with gold metallic thread. Even a simple ‘hens and chicks’ would be spectacular. So many ‘possibilities’ !  No doubt I’ll add tatting to the inner circle as well. I prefer the DMC gold thread on a spool, which is equivalent to size 30.


The teacup and saucer were purchased a few years ago at a quaint, old-fashioned pharmacy/gift store in a small town about 40 miles north of here. We just were out driving one day and came across the town and store. I couldn’t resist purchasing the cup and saucer there.

The ‘pillow’ has a large crocheted doily draped over it. It is the most unusual and attractive piece of crochet I have EVER seen. I purchased it at an ‘antique lace’ booth at a local fair many years ago. I want to write a post about it, because it is SO different from any crochet I’ve ever seen.

The candle is just a place for me to hang a pretty ‘cross’ ornament with green beads. I purchased it in an Irish shop in Alexandria, VA, one of my favorite towns to visit in the DC area. I’ve always thought the cross could be ‘copied’ in tatting.

Of course, the tatted doily is one I’ve shown quite often in my blog - something I purchased several years ago at a local shop.
The pendant (a Rosemarie Peel design) is a motif that I made several years ago and wore as a ‘pin’ on my Aran sweater.    I have since put it on one of my black velvet ’discs’ and attached it to a beaded necklace.  (Oops!  I see a 'frayed' area.  I'll have to  fix that!)


I’m definitely enjoying the weather for March this year, which has been quite warm - and seems to be breaking records here in the Northeast. This year the parade in Pittsburgh will be actually ON St. Patrick’s Day, and there probably will be a record-breaking crowd there as well!  

We have other plans for the day, but I will be thinking about my Irish ancestors!


Suztats said...

Top o' the mornin' to ya! Here's to celebratin' the green! Watch out for those leprechauns!
lovely tatting.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You've created another lovely display! I wonder what gems I could find if I enjoyed shopping. It's just not my thing.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your fan embellished! Your pendant is lovely, and I believe I have that pattern. I may have to be a copy cat!

Marilee Rockley said...

What a find! You have the fan displayed beautifully. I'll look forward to seeing how you add the tatting.

Jane Eborall said...

Wonderful fan and such an interesting post too.

Fox said...

The fan is like a peacock!

Love that pendant. One of my favourite designs.

Fox : )

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous pendant! I love your St. Patrick's tribute- the fan is lovely!

tattrldy said...

Your photo is lovely! It's amazing that you were able to find such a 'find' at the dollar store. My sister always finds such great stuff but I don't have the knack. I'm looking forward to seeing how you add tatting to the fan, it will be marvelous!

That cross is begging to be made into tatting. So, when are we going to see it done??

Elizabeth said...

Ooooh I'm looking forward to seeing the tatting you add to the fan!

❦TattingChic said...

Oh that is absolutely lovely as always!

Carla said...

Your tatting works are very beautiful!