Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pendants - All Kinds!


- First Doo-Dad
- Interlocking Rings
- Interwoven chains
- 2-Layered Flower

Here is my first doo-dad tatted item – a pendant -  and I give all the credit to Sue (“His Kid”)

I was amazed how quickly Sue designed three snowflake patterns using these round doo-dads, and then wrote up and generously shared her patterns with us!

However, I am in pendant mode at the moment, so I altered Sue’s snowflake pattern #1 by simply leaving off the thrown-off rings (therefore only one shuttle is needed).  Then I did a chain over the picots for a scalloped effect.  No cutting and tying is  necessary to start the second round.   

It was fun to tat around this doo-dad, and I had no problems.  Sue’s  knot counts fit around the doo-dad perfectly in Lizbeth size 20 thread.   And this motif fits perfectly onto my little black velvet discs!

Thank you, Sue, for all of your influence here, including helping me  find the doo-dads at Hobby Lobby.    I now have a new pendant pattern,  thanks to your hard work in designing the snowflake!   I love this and can’t wait to do it in  many colors!


Motif #5, Third Round 

Variations of chains tatted around interlocked rings
Tropical Punch and Vineyard Harvest
 These motifs show different chains added  to  the basic  interlocking rings, (depending on placement of picots) which  I first saw and admired on Rachel Jackson’s blog (the Piney Woods Tatter) :

Three of these motifs have interwoven chains (utilizing two shuttles) attached to the interlocking rings,  and the motif  in the upper left  has a simple chain going over the picots.  These are techniques that Rachel often uses in her work.
A special thanks again to Karen Cabrera, from whose video I learned how to do the interlocking rings using a shuttle.   ( )
The interlocking rings have been my ‘go to’ pattern for the past couple of months, (actually an obsession) as I practiced and practiced to perfect them.   I have MANY ‘sets’ of these basic rings, waiting for further enhancement, to be made into pendants. 

Motif #6, Third Round

This sweet motif (also in Tropical Punch) is a very easy pattern which creates two layers in one pass.  Jon Yusoff  links  to the pattern in her  August 9, 2012 blog post:   

We have a big tatting event coming up next weekend (Sept. 29-30) – the Erntefest at Old Economy.     Old Economy Village  has been weathering its financial crisis and  is now  being run by many dedicated volunteers who have stepped up to the plate after  the Commonwealth of PA cut funds to several historic sites in 2009.    It’s a picturesque and interesting place to visit, and a very pleasant site to demo tatting.   

Tatting Anniversary
The Erntefest (“Harvest Festival”) event will be my 22nd anniversary of my very first session tatting with our group in 1990.     

So much has happened in 22 years!    I never would have believed back then how tatting was going to take over my life, or that I’d have something called a blog, and that tatting would become popular again and go in amazing new directions! 

We’ll also be back at Vicary Mansion and Old Economy in December.  Therefore, I will have to go into ‘pendant production mode’ to build up my inventory!   I have many patterns now to choose from!


Ladytats said...

WOW! those are great looking pendants. you have mastered the interlocking rings. Good for you. I haven't even had a chance to try them yet. one more thing on my never ending list.

Fox said...

Great pendants! And your interlocking rings look wonderful! I still cannot tat them! I am so impressed.
Fox : )

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your pendants look fabulous! I really like those doodads, and although I don't need any more, I think I may have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby so that I can try Sue's designs.

God's Kid said...

Oh my goodness Kathy!! That snowflake pendant is so awesome!!! Love what you have done with it!!! :)
And your interlocking rings and chains pendants are awesome and beautiful too!!! :)
And your two layered flower pendant is awesome too!!! You sure have been busy with some fabulous pendants!!!! :)

Suztats said...

Fabulous! Wonderful tatting here, Kathy. I love your new pendants!
I need more time--I want to do all these wonderful designs. Maybe one day soon. I'll have to find some doo-dads. Your tatting rocks!

Margarets designer cards said...

Your pendants look wonderful and one of my favorite threads, your interlocking rings and chains are looking so brilliant what was you said to me a few weeks ago, well you have done some practicing on those, very well done.
I know what you mean about blogging it takes over your life completely,

Michelle said...

You've almost convinced me to try those interlocking rings. Your pendants are gorgeous, beautiful thread and the result is amazing!

Nancy in Dallas said...

Lovely work! Pendents are beautiful. Question of the year: have you had a chance to work on the Victoria Slipper's pattern. You know I would so love to make some for Christmas this year. Thanks in advance!!

tattrldy said...

Wow! You have been busy! Love all of your pendants. I bought some doodads to use for centers but I haven't gotten far with them. You look like you have wonderful start for your up-coming tatting events.

Beautiful work!