Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Little Late . . .

Belated St. Patrick's Day Greetings!
 Here is a shamrock magnet (2" in diameter, smaller than a paperweight, but could be used as one), which I put together awhile ago, using a glass disc that I think is supposed to be used in a large vase, along with several discs that came in a pouch.  It was the perfect size to fit in a clear lid I had on hand, and I decorated it around the edge with metallic gold tape, plus scrapbook embellishments inside. I then stuck a magnet on the back.   It looks nice on the fridge and I enjoy looking at it every day! 

The pattern, of course, is Sharren's famous SCMR Shamrock, which is a nice size. 

And here is a grouping of some 'green' items, just for fun.  I haven't shown my 'other' Aran sweater before .  It's made with dark green yarn, and I knit it  way back in the '90s. I've always enjoyed doing cable patterns.   (Can't believe this sweater is  20+  years old already!)    

Also in the photo is my 'shamrock' plant (actually Oxalis, not native to Ireland, but should be, as it's so perfectly Irish-looking), which continues to survive in its planter and comes inside in winter,  I love seeing the white flowers year round.
'Paddy Bear' is sporting his green bowler hat and green tie and is showing off the shamrock magnet. 

The Celtic pendant is several years old now, and, of course, was designed by Rosemarie Peel.  The big pin shows my name in English and Gaelic Irish ("Catroine").   As I've often mentioned, I always salute my Irish ancestors  on St. Patrick's Day, and I was named for my maternal Grandmothe, Katherine Flanagan. 

Computer Problems
This is a miracle post for me, because for the past several months I haven't been able to get into my Dashboard using my 15" laptop.  (It's seven years old, has Vista (!) and IE9.   I know it's a 'dinosaur' but it's been a loyal friend and it's still plugging along! 

Therefore, I used my trusty little netbook for my prior post, and never investigated why the Dashboard wouldn't appear in the laptop.  But my sweet little netbook crashed last week, and it came as quite a shock (only 2 years old).  So when I went to use the laptop to post on Monday, I forgot I couldn't get into the Dashboard!.  I had to search all over the forums to find out if there was an answer.   

I was surprised (after spending a lot of time) that it apparently has something to do with the browser IE9,  which is not being supported anymore, not even by Microsoft!  (Apparrently IE11 is causing problems in blogger, too.)   However, a simple solution suggested by several helpful folks was to uncheck the 'Compatibility View' in IE9.  Of course, it took me awhile to learn how to do that (I'm not tuned into all these tricks of the trade), and I finally figured it out.  I was amazed and delighted when my Dashboard came back to life!  So it looks like I can do posts again (not that I post that often - something I hope to remedy in the future).    But I now have to look for another computer to replace my netbook, and I will be looking for one with strong graphics capabilities!   And I have to continue hold my breath using this laptop, purchased in 2006! 

Looking forward to Spring!  And the Maple Syrup Festival is coming up soon!


  1. A Maple Syrup Festival sounds like fun! - I wonder if my son and his wife know about that, I must ask them.
    I love all your green things, that jumper/sweater is wonderful - classic styles never date, do they?

  2. You're sweater is fabulous! I like knitting cables too, and as Maureen says, they're classic. Your fridge magnet is fun, good idea.

  3. Very nice magnet and pendant!! :)
    I can relate to the dinosaur computer situation!! And I had to download Google Chrome to get my blogger to start working when I had problems with it working in Internet Explorer. :)

  4. Lovely clover and clever idea to put in a frame and put a magnet.
    Lovely pendant.
    I have just been given a new laptop to cheer me up, as XP is going out next month my laptop and computer are both XP, my hubby thought it would be nice to replace my ageing laptop.

  5. I love seeing the ways you use your tatting! Your fridge magnet is a great idea. I love the sweater! My mom is a fabulous knitter, and she used to knit ganseys for my brother. She also knit fabulous Aran sweaters for my daughters. My personal favorite was an Aran sweater in Kelly green that she knit for me in high school, very similar to the one you knit. I wonder what ever became of that sweater? Thanks for sparking a trip down memory lane!

  6. You would have a much easier time if you download the google chrome browser, it is up to date and the blogger is a google service. I love your tatting by the way.
    I'm at.

  7. I have an iPad and will never go back to a computer. It took me about a year to finally know what I can replace some functions of a computer with apps so I won't go back now. And google offers a good variety of services to yes with an iPad.

  8. Hi
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today, I could not find an email address so I am leaving you a message on here.
    I hope you have a great weekend, your craft table goes well and you get lots of people watching you tat. I too have a craft table in the local market so I will be thinking of you.
    Do sign up to nacy's newsletter she does some a great patterns over the year, one a month equals 12free patterns a year can't be bad.
    Have a nice tatting day

  9. I really like your lid magnet, it looks great. Love all your green:-) What a beautiful sweater! I don't knit so can only imagine how much work it was. Your pendant would look good anywhere but so perfect for St. Patrick's day. Sorry to hear about all the computer problems but glad you found a solution. I've had trouble with IE and prefer Chrome. Good luck on finding a new computer.

  10. Hi Kathy! OMG...thank you so much for the absolutely lovely comment you left on my blog today, which led me here to find your beautiful blog! :) Your tatting is sooo lovely...that little shamrock is just precious, and I love the pendant too!...Your sweater is gorgeous! I wish I was better at knitting!... I'm so glad that you were able to fix your computer problem... It's so, so nice to meet you, Kathy!!! :) xo Paulette