Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Victorian Lady's Slipper - Pattern in the works

I have a Computer question (below) about the Antique Pattern Library.
Also: Upcoming Maple Festival

Victorian Lady's Slipper - and Parasol

Recently I received some requests for the pattern for the Lady's Slipper shown at the top of my blog, and I'm certainly flattered by the interest! I've also had inquiries about the parasol shown with my handkerchief doll last May.

(Motifs #13 and #14 – Second Round)

The slipper and parasol make a nice 'set' hanging on my Victorian tree

These are both now at least 17 years old!

The slipper was the last of the 3-D items I created between 1991 and 1993. I also made 3-D bells, an egg, a ball ornament, birdcage, and heart.

I’ve always wanted to publish the slipper pattern, but every time I got out the draft notes and drawings I made back in 1993, I promptly put them back because I didn't have the patience to re-do them.

And, until I started my blog, I had no reason to re-draw the pattern. However, it is now time to get the pattern into readable form so I can finally share it.

I’d be delighted to know that it is being tatted and enjoyed by others out there in Tatland!

The 3-D aspect involves different views, and I also have to re-interpret my 'side' notes. Of course, I’ll also tat a new model.

The slipper isn't difficult to tat - it's a matter of paying attention to the joins, although it gets a little tricky under the arch and heel. It measures 3-1/2 inches long, 2-1/2” high. and 1-1/4” wide.

I don't want to set a deadline, but I'm hoping I can accomplish this by April or May. And because I know I will be putting in some time on it, I hope you’ll understand that I’ll want to charge a small amount for the pattern.

I'll also include my parasol pattern, which is easy to tat, but the finishing work is a little 'fussy', so I'll give tips on how to do that.

Vicary House last August (2009)
This is one corner of the lovely parlor room at Vicary House. This large room is furnished in Victorian style, which is perfect for my Victorian-themed tree and tree skirt.
I’ll feature more about the Vicary House in future posts.

I have many photos and stories of our demonstration experiences to share. I’ve seriously thought about opening another blog, so I can go into more detail about our tatting demo adventures, for those who are interested. I feel privileged to have been a member of the Beaver County Tatters since 1990. (I promise to share the whole story of this group in the future!) Evelyn, Peg (Carol Lawecki’s mom) and I are presently the ‘core’ of the group, and we are often joined by a newer member, Pam, and also Carol Lawecki on some occasions!

Upcoming Maple Festival (April 10-11 this year)
We now have only one outdoor event each year, the Maple Festival at Brady’s Run (Beaver, PA), where thousands of visitors come to have “all-you-can-eat” pancakes and sausage. We are in an enclosed pavilion, which we share with other crafters, including bobbin lacers and quilters.
It’s a rustic setting, so I wear what I call my ‘prairie outfit’ with a fringed black suede jacket and long black skirt with a gathered ruffle at the bottom (also boots and a black felt bolero hat) My ‘folk art’ quilted vest has tatting on it, of course! Wearing costumes is so much fun for me!

The weather in April is always ‘interesting’, and has ranged from 80 degrees to freezing with snow! There was one memorable occasion where everyone had to evacuate the park when the ‘babbling brook’ (after a heavy rain) started to rise over the vehicle bridge and pedestrian bridge road surfaces! Then there was the time when many cars (including mine) got stuck in the mud in the parking area. However, we’ve also had many weekends of perfect weather, and it’s a marvelous family event.

Fortunately, I've kept a diary of all our events, because after 20 years they all kind of blend together! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed, and I’ve gone from 46 to 66, seemingly ‘overnight’!!!

Antique Pattern Library - Problem with Adobe Reader
I was a little frustrated recently to discover that I couldn’t open PDF files in the Antique Pattern Library

Apparently the Library was updated recently (Feb 2010) and I guess they did something to change access to the files. I have Adobe 7 and 8 in my computer and laptop, respectively, and never had problems before, but now neither one opens the files.

It seems that I need Adobe 9. What I'm concerned about is that there are ‘warnings’ on the internet about adding the ‘9’ upgrade (even though it’s free). And some 'forums' state you should use some ‘other’ software that doesn’t take up so much ‘space’ as Adobe. I just wanted to check with those of you who are more familiar with these ‘computer’ things than I am. Thanks!!!


Isdihara said...

Dear Kathy,

I was one of the tatters who had asked about your tatted slipper. What a treat it will be to get the parasol too!

Please include me on the list of folks who want to purchase your pattern once you have revamped it.

Gina said...

YES YES YES!!!! I've asked at least once and I think twice. (blush) I even recently considered trying on my own...but time got away from me so maybe you can save me the trouble yet!

Jane Eborall said...

If you want any help in respect of drawings done then I'd be happy to help.

Clemintine said...

yay for slippers!!

On the adobe note: reader9 has some bundled software with it that is basically harmless, but does send information back to adobe labs. You can't opt out of it when you install reader, but you can go and remove it once it is installed.
for acrobat, everything version 9 and below has a serious exploit problem, and as far as I know the new versions of it are just fine, or at least I havent heard of any major issues...
If you need any help, send me an email... I'm strangely tech savy.

♥ Heather ♥ said...

I have been admiring the slipper as well I want on the list of buyers as well. I showed my mom your page and she loved the slipper it will be a WONDERFUL gift for her and I bet it would be georgous filled with flowers.... ohhhh the ideas ;)
I cant wait!!

tattrldy said...

I've always admired your slippers. I, too, would be willing to purchase them when you're ready. The Maple Festival sounds like fun! I've never done the costume bit, but I admire the people that do it. It adds a lot to the showing of your craft. I look forward to your "stories" of it this year and of years past. You do a great job of sharing your experiences. Whether you share them here or another blog, I'll read them!

Sharon D. said...

Yes I would be glad to purchase them when you're ready. I love the slippers and parasol.

Deb said...

I am also interested in purchasing your slipper pattern when it's ready. It really is beautiful - I've admired it for quite awhile now.

tatting-marie said...

I would love to have the slipper pattern also. Please put my name on your list to purchase the pattern. I think it is a lovely design and would look great on my Christmas tree.

Elizabeth said...

You know I've asked at least once - I'm glad to hear it will become available for the tatting world. I had the same problem with the Antique Pattern Library but updated to Adobe 9 with no side effects - hope you can get it working again!

Marty said...

The slipper pattern so reminds me of my gramma and her crocheted slippers I'd love to purchase a copy when you've got it ready.

Nancy in Dallas said...

How wonderful! Yes, please count me in to purchase the pattern for the slippers and parasol as well. Thank you so much!!

Nancy in Dallas said...

Birdcage? Please, may we see a photo? I know it must to lovely!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm certainly delighted to see all the nice comments!

Nancy noticed I mentioned a bird cage! It always brings a smile to our visitors at the shows. I'll show it on an upcoming post.

Thanks again for the interest in my patterns! I'm already making some progress and trying not let this sunny weather distract me! It's still cold, though, so that should keep me at my task!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Kathy, That's wonderful you will be publishing your slipper and parasol pattern. Both are so beautiful!! I can't wait to see your post about the Vicary House. I've never been there and would love to read about your demonstrating there. I hope to make it down on Sunday for the Maple Syrup Festival. That would be fun. Hope it is good weather for that.

Marie said...

Yes, please I would love to get the slipper and parasol patterns! -

Nancy Dugas-Gilmore said...

Have I missed the pattern for the slippers? I have loved this for a few years now...ready to start tatting! lol