Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Pin - 1991

- Multiple Uses for Edging Patterns
- Black Wool Cape (from my costume wardrobe)

I recently wore my Christmast tree pin (circa 1991) during our recent Festival events, and I was reminded how it came about. And when I wore it on my black wool cape, I also added another piece of tatting to it to make it more noticeable (see below).

Here is the pin I made in 1991

It is from the same edging in Ann Orr's Classic Tatting patterns that I used to form the star shown in my Feb. 17, 2009 post. I noticed that each point of the edging looked like a Christmas tree. So I tatted one motif in white thread, then glued it onto a card, and it did look like a tree.

But I thought the motif looked the right size to put on a pin backing that I had purchased from a craft store. The pin backing (about 2" high) is made for inserting a separately purchased cameo. However, I cut a velevet oval from gift ribbon to fit into the center of the pin, then glued the tatted tree (in gold metallic thread from DMC) onto the velevt.

Then I glued tiny rhinestones to add bling. I made several of these pins for friends and family

Wearing pin on Black Wool Cape

When I went to our recent tatting events on Dec. 4 and 11, I wanted to wear the pin on my black wool cape that I purchased a few years ago at a consignment shop (a very lucky find!). But the pin by itself didn't stand out, so I found a piece of tatting in my stash to 'frame' it. It is an ecru tatted edging which I had formed into an oval. I pinned the edging to the cape (didn't have time to baste it down), then centered the Christmas pin inside it. I received lots of compliments on it!

Here is a close-up of the pin on the cape
framed by the ecru edging.

Here is a photo of the entire cape. There is red piping around the neck and down the opening, which is a part of the red interfacing inside. I pinned back the interfacing so you can see how nicely the cape is made.

I have no idea where the cape came from, but it's a welcome addition to my costume wardrobe!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love your story of how your pin came to be! I'm always amazed at the ideas I find on the blogs I read, and I always wonder... why didn't I think of that!

God's Kid said...

That pin looks amazing with and without the edging behind it! :)

Gina said...

I love the pin and I love the cape and what a wonderful marriage between the two! I love hearing how ideas pan out too.

tatting-marie said...

The pin is BEAUTIFU! Love the story about how it all came together. I'm sure everyone at your "tatting event" was very envious of you and your creaton. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sally Kerson said...

It never ceases to amaze me what you can do with tatting and the tatting around the frame really makes it stand out.

tattrldy said...

Love the pin! It looked very nice before you added the tatting around the outside, but that bit really made it stand out. I was saying "oooh" before it had finished scrolling up the page. And, again, it looks so good I'm going to have to try it myself. You are such an inspiration! It was great reading how it came to be, and how after years of it one way you made it 'new' with just a little touch. It looks great! Thanks for sharing.

ancolie said...

I love the pin and I love the cape ! you are an artist: what an inspiration!
Merry christmas

AKTATTER said...

Kathy I would like to feature your tatting page in the online tatting class. Please email me at thanks
Georgia Seitz