Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowflake Inside a Clear Ball Ornament

Sharon's Merry Christmas snowflake!

Because I'm having blogging/computer problems (long story), I'm going to publish a REALLY short post (aren't you glad?) to show you that I was able to get Sharon's pretty snowflake into a clear Christmas ball ornament.

Sharon generously gave us this excellent pattern last year in her December blog. I loved the pattern and her easy diagram, and I posted about it in my own blog on Dec. 24. (In fact, this IS the snowflake that I made last year.)

The ornament is plastic - not glass, as they usually are - and is very well made. I got it at Michaels, and it is 3-1/2 inches in diameter. They also have smaller ones. I like this one because it has a larger opening, which made it easier to 'roll up' (not fold) the snowflake and drop it down into the ornament.

The hanger on the snowflake is wrapped around the 'knob' on top of the ball, and the metal top is clamped over top of the hanger, holding it in place.

I made the snowflake with Lizbeth white, size 20, and it didn't need any sitffening. It easily rolled into a 'tube' (not too tight), then it unfolded when it got into the ornament after jostling it a little bt.

It is displayed here on an 'egg holder', so that it can sit on a table.

* * *

During the past two weekends, our group demonstrated tattig at Vicary Mansion (Dec. 4) and Old Economy Village (Dec. 11). Considering we've consistently had 'snowy-blowy' weather for the past few weeks, we were lucky to have had good weather both Saturdays. Today we're back to snow!


BSOTF said...


God's Kid said...

Your snowflake in an ornament looks fantastic! :)

tattrldy said...

Ooo, pretty! Great minds must think alike, or something like that. I haven't done this but have been trying to remember where my clear ball ornaments are to try this! I'm glad to see that it works! It looks great!Now I'll just have to look harder - or go buy some : )

Fox said...

That is a beautiful snowflake! Great display idea.
Fox : )

Suztats said...

Great idea! I bought some clear balls a week ago, thinking to cover them with tatting, but I like this idea much better! Thanks for sharing!

tattrldy said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier. Yes, of course I have to pick one that takes a lot of time :)

The snowman was a big hit with my grandson(not the one you met, the other one). He named it Frosty! I haven't gotten a lot of decorations out this year because I've been too busy making snowflakes for others. We had our tree up the middle of last week but only got it decorated Saturday. I'll bet your tree was a big hit a the events.

I didn't find my clear ball ornaments yet. I may have to wait to pick some up in after Christmas sales and try them for next year. But it's a great idea!

Tattin' Kat said...

Thanks for posting this. I'll have to see if I can find some at Michael's next time I'm close to one. I live about 2.5 hours from any craft store :( It looks beautiful. I think that I'll try some for next year.