Thursday, October 11, 2012

Star Pendants

When Rachel Jackson (Pineywoods Tatter) generously posted her Pumpkin Pie pendant as a free pattern (see link below),  I was attracted to the star shape that is formed after Round 2 (of 3 rounds), which is worked over the basic 5 interlocking rings.

Star motif, designed by Rachel Jackson. 
Lizbeth size 20, Autumn Spice

(a new favorite!) 
Motif #8, Third Round

As I had a new ball of Lizbeth Size 20, Autumn Spice, I just HAD to make this star!

I was pleased to see that it made a nice size pendant (about 2“ across), which, as usual, I mounted on a black velvet paper circle. Then I sewed on the beads and pulled the threads to the back of the black velvet paper, which makes it very convenient to hide the threads!
 I then attached the velvet disc to a larger copper pendant. (I used a powerful double-stick tape to do that.)


This is one of my favorite Fall jackets. When combined with a black turtleneck, it shows off the pendant nicely.

SMALL STAR MOTIF  (Motif #9, Third Round)


And just to prove to you that I CAN actually tat beads into my motifs, here are two easy  'star' motifs that I made up, where all the beads (except the center ones) are tatted in. 

I had to refer to Jane Eborall's excellent method of adding beads onto decorative (not joining) picots as you go, rather than stringing them onto the thread, and it works perfectly.  

Lizbeth size 20, spring garden I remember experimenting with this method awhile ago, but I had to refresh my memory.

I did sew the motif down through the beads on the points to hold the pendant onto the black paper disc. 


I will be doing a separate post of our tatting event at Old Economy (Sept. 29-30), as Blogger doesn't like me to post too many photos at one time! 

Hope you're enjoying some nice October weather.



God's Kid said...

Those are both really great!!! :)
And I love the autumn colored one!!! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You put together the most beautiful pendants!

Margarets designer cards said...

I like your pendant, I am still working on Rachel's pattern, and the star pendant is also lovely
Well done

West Pine Creations said...

Love your work. Autumn spice is one of my favorite colors. Looks wonderful in you pendent!!

Cheryl Norwood said...

Very pretty!!