Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall is in the Air !

- Pumpkin Pendant
- Fall Festival at Old Economy
‘Autumn Spice’ Pumpkin (size 20)
(MOTIF #10, Round 3)

Thanks to Frivole, I now have a cute ‘pumpkin’ to add to my collection of pendants.    Frivole used Mark Meyers’ Apple Pattern (her link below takes you to his PDF pattern) and by using Autumn Spice she made it into a pumpkin.    So I thought I’d give it a try, although I left off the outer picots and obviously, I didn’t do the leaf. That was too much for my brain to handle today!    I simply added a spiral chain and formed it into a stem.

Harvest Festival, Sept. 29-30, 2012

We had great weather for the Erntefest at Old Economy on Sept. 29-30. Fortunately the predicted rain held off on Sunday, and both days were sunny and a perfect temperature. Our tatting group has been participating in festivals at Old Economy for at least 25 years, and I’ve been attending for 22. Here’s a quick tour.
This is one of the 17 preserved historic buildings built between 1825-1830, of the Harmonist Society at their final home, named “Economy“ (now Ambridge, PA), north of Pittsburgh, PA, along the Ohio River

This building (known as the Mechanics Buildingis a sentimental favorite of our tatting group, because the representative “School Room”, located in the corner section, 1st floor (with the five windows shown here) was our ‘home’ for almost 20 years. and it was a perfect size room for our demonstrations and exhibits of our tatted lace. Around 2008 the school room was moved to another area, and ’our’ room was returned to its original purpose - the shoe shop. So we have had to move to other areas of the Village to set up our tables and displays. The original Harmonist printing press is also in this building and is a working press! Also of importance is the Wine Cellar, located in the basement. 

There are several long gravel paths in the Village. This one links the vegetable garden to the huge Feast Hall (only partly visible here), with flowers lining the path. I have no idea what these amazing red ‘snowball’ flowers are.

Looking to the left is another path leading to the stone structure in the circular Pavilion area, which contains a statue of the Greek Goddess Harmonia, holding a lyre. Five different paths radiate out from this pavilion area, and it is a popular spot for weddings.

This photo was taken down farther on the path in the area of the vegetable and herb gardens, again looking toward the Feast Hall, now far in the distance. The closer buildings (2 houses forming an “L” shape) contain 17 rooms, and are collectively called “The Great House”. They were the residences and offices for the leaders of the Harmonist Society for conducting business with the outside world. The Harmonists exported their wool, cotton, silk and wine to many countries. They also invested in the railroads, oil and real estate, and used steam to power their factories.

The 5-story Granary Building, (near the Feast Hall) with wood exterior, is where we were situated for this weekend's Festival. 

Evelyn and Peg (Carol Lawecki's mom) are in the background, at the large table.   Pam, our newest member (not shown here), joined us on Saturday.

The Erntefest is a quieter Festival, emphasizing the everyday lives of the Harmonists and is not a ’craft show’. We were flattered to be invited to participate, especially since there is no evidence that the Harmonists did any tatting. We have become popular with the visitors over the years, and we represent needlework of the Victorian Era, which is when the Village was active.

I hope you have a good weekend! 


God's Kid said...

Great pumpkin pendant!!! :)

Ladytats said...

I like your pendant, that is pretty, and thanks for the tour it is always fun to see the different ways of life.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely pumpkin pendant,
Thank you for show us around your day out and how lovely to demonstrate tatting, I hope you had a good day.


Sally Kerson said...

What an interesting place, just looked up about the 'Harmony Society' to find out about the history of this group. But chuckled to myself at the name of Ambridge as we have a very long running soap called The Archers based around a ficticious village of Ambridge
What a clever way of adapting the pattern and lovely to see the fall colours.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks, everyone!
An excellent history of the group is in Wikipedia, too. I will be adding that link and a couple of others to this post.

Sally: I'm wondering about the pronunciation of 'Ambridge' in England. I have a feeling it starts with a long 'a', as in 'Cambridge'. Ours is the short 'a', as in 'amber'. In fact the town was named for 'American Bridge', a division of U S Steel company, the town's largest employer for 80 years, until the demise of the steel industry in Pittsburgh in the '80s . It's amazing that 'The Archers' radio soap opera is still being broadcast! I don't think we have any on radio in the U.S., and very few left on TV!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Kathy, Great idea with the apple pattern turning it into a pumpkin. I may have to do that. I haven't had time to tat in sooo long. Maybe I'll start a project tonight.
Great review and pictures of Old Economy!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful post! So fascinating. I especially love the pavilion with the radiating paths. It does look harmonious indeed. Great pumpkin too!

Margarets designer cards said...


If you send me your email address I will send you the pattern

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

I just happen to stumble upon your blog and was wondering if you have tatting classes or know of anyone in the area that teaches tatting. I've been trying to teach myself by watching youtube videos.

Thank you,