Monday, November 26, 2012

3 Wreaths with Beads, Bows and Bells!

Also  - a Photostamp!

WREATH NO. 1 Back in 2007 I tatted this little Patti Duff motif (only 1.5 in. across), but did not add any beads.
The self-adhesive stars are from my scrapbook stash, added for this photo

But the bow pin (a tie-tack type) has been on the wreath for 5 years, together with the ‘ringing’ bell which is a button from La Mode. I found the pin at a thrift store, and was pleased it had a ‘loop’ for hanging the bell. I’ve been collecting bow pins ever since, but it’s difficult to find those that have that extra loop. Of course, I also bought several bell ‘buttons‘ at JoAnn’s.

I was so pleased with the wreath and bow that I decided to put a large photo of it on our 2007 Christmas card.
The red rhinestones were placed there for the photo back then.

My Photo Stamp 2007
(First tatting on a stamp? J )

I thought it would be really cool to have a ‘matching’ stamp for the envelope, using a then new service:
the personalized ‘photostamp’ ! 

I was so delighted (giddy, actually) with the way the photo looked on the stamp site’s order form that I confirmed the order without realizing how much the stamps actually cost! The stamp may say 41 cents, but the actual cost of each stamp was 80 cents!!!! Quite a price to pay for  an ego trip.  I possibly can claim that I am the first person to put tatting on a stamp(?).  Notice I I did NOT say it was the first tatting ever shown on an official US stamp   I'd have to say that not too many of my recipients even noticed my stamp (except my tatting buddies!)
I recently found this motif (in an unknown thread) sitting unadorned in my stash of tatted pieces   .  But when I recently added the one-piece ‘bow and bells’ pin that I found in my ‘Christmas pins’ box, it added just the right finishing touch!

I have no idea when when I tatted this motif and believe I made it up, and also was practicing adding beads.


Here’s another simple motif from my stash (I believe I also made this one up - just clovers and chains), and again I was playing with beads.
I found another amazing bow pin at the thrift store, which came with a jingle bell attached! I love it when I find these things!

So now I have three wreath pins to wear for the holidays!

Here are the comparative sizes of all three pins, all done with size 20 equivalent thread.  .  

I have a busy two weeks ahead, with two shows coming up this weekend and next (Vicary Mansion and Old Economy).


I’m also trying to ‘refresh’ my Christmas tree, as it has been looking a little 'tired' lately.   I recently found some tatted ornaments I had taken photos of but never put back on the tree!  (I wondered what had happened to them!)     Plus I’m trying to make some pendants to sell.    


  1. I love your little wreath pins! I think I'm going to go looking for tie tack style pins so that I can make some!

    I would have noticed the stamp... very cool!

  2. Fabulous wreath pins!!! They are all so special!!! :)

  3. Love that blue wreath and the stamps - perfection!

    Glad to hear of someone else’s leap before looking adventure..... I know a wee bit about those!
    Fox )

  4. I love your little wreaths, they are all lovely and gorgeous pins on them them,
    I hope you have two great fairs, and sell a lot, I lost my place last weekend by benign ill the last two months, I am crossing my figures for December but I don't think I will get a table.

  5. I am in love with your wreath pins! What you've done is so wonderful-really taken an ordinary object and made it stunning!
    I was thinking how clever you were with those gorgeous stamps and how I should do that too until I got to the price! Holy moly what a lesson! I hope you know a collector or two for the last ones. It would be shame to have them all be recycled!
    Oolong, how about making a shadow box including one of the stamps and a few of the actual tatting with it?

  6. What a clever idea! Your wreaths look great!

  7. Thanks, everyone! I always appreciate the comments!

    I am always amazed at how even a simple tatted motif can look fancy with the addition of beads, jewelry and doodads.

    I've also noticed that on my Netbook and Tablet, Wreath No. 2 looks blue! It's actually dark green, and is more true to color on the enlargement of the last photo! It's funny how cameras and computers work.

    Michelle - Great idea about a display with the tatting and the stamp! It seems that there are more sites selling the stamps, so if you're savvy you can get discounts on them. However, I'll just stick to normal stamps from now on!

  8. How marvelous! Thx for sharing the variety of tatted wreath pins, wreath stamp, card -- adding scrapbook items, etc.

    very festive ; )

  9. Tatting on a stamp is so cool! It never occurred to me that a person could design their own stamps, thanks for the heads up about the service. Your wreath pins are all exquisite, and the card, too.

  10. They are sooo beautiful!! What a great idea.

  11. They are so cute - I love the one with the red bow and bell.